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One of the more popular services in the York area for loft conversions are Mansard loft conversions. A mansard loft conversion can be popular in York due to the high number of terraced and semi-detached homes, which can be difficult to allow for additions or extensions within your home. With a mansard conversion, you can efficiently create an extension within the top of your home and create enough space for two extra living spaces.

A hip to gable loft conversion is for the most part not possible with terraced houses, while not creating the same amount of space other loft conversions would. Dormer loft conversions are both possible for semi-detached and terraced homes, but they will also not be able to add the same amount of space a mansard can. That is why if you are looking for a large extension within your home, a mansard loft conversion with Loft Conversion York would be the best choice for you.

Should I get a mansard Loft Conversion York?

Mansard loft conversions would allow you to create two or even three rooms within the top of your home depending on both the size of your roof and the size of the mansard conversion itself. Unlike other loft conversions, mansard is mainly focused on extending the roof a large amount to the point you are technically creating a large home space, almost as if it would be an extra floor.

This is important if you are looking to create space for an extra bedroom or a home theatre. You may even be able to turn what would have been an extra room into a roof top balcony if you would prefer, which is something Loft Conversion York can do. With a mansard conversion, if what you need is not too far out of the realm of possibility you should be able to pass a permitted development. This would allow your design and loft wishes to be more than possible.

A mansard conversion does also give an extra benefit in addition to the extra comfortable living space within your home. The mansard loft conversion provides enough living space and useful materials that the property value of your home will skyrocket. Since the conversion itself provides two or three rooms worth of space, depending on what you decide to create those rooms into can make a huge difference on the value.

We had a customer many years ago that created a home cinema within their loft conversion complete with sound treated walls, and the property itself fetched more than double of what the mansard loft conversion cost. With the added property value on top of the extra living space and usable rooms within your home, the mansard loft conversion begins to pay itself back and very quickly.

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How much does a mansard loft conversion cost in York?

​Within York, the average cost of a dormer loft conversion would be £27,500. Once the specifications and scope of your project is calculated, the actual price range for your dormer loft conversion could cost anywhere between £20,000 - £35,000 from planning phase to the completion of the project. Since most dormer loft conversions differ regarding the overall size of the extension itself, as well as the overall construction that needs to be completed, the overall budget can change. This is due to the additional raw materials and labour hours that it would take to complete the project efficiently.

The cost of a mansard loft conversion can be expensive due to the labour costs and raw material costs during the loft build. Since Loft Conversion York will need to use a large amount of relatively expensive materials such as the large steel beams to connect the mansard. The labour costs themselves can also be expensive due to the extensive manhours that are dedicated towards the conversion. Within the budget that we offer however, comes the furniture, additions and features that you would also like within the room itself.

Since Loft Conversion York understand that you would like us to install the lighting and plumbing within the loft itself, we ensure to do so and even the finishing’s such as painting and flooring if necessary. If you know what you would like us to install and include within the loft conversion itself, we will ensure to complete it to the highest standard.

How long does a mansard loft conversion take in York?

The average dormer loft conversion within York would take 6 weeks to complete. Once the project itself has been planned and the specifications are clear, it could realistically take anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks from the start of construction to completion of the project. Dormer loft conversions often vary in size and scale, meaning that the average dormer loft conversion could take longer or shorter than expected. There is also a lot of versatility and option with dormer loft conversions, meaning that it is only possible after planning is complete to give an accurate timeline for completion. If you are in the York area and you are considering a dormer loft conversion, then contact Loft Conversion York today. We provide dormer loft conversions for customers in York and surrounding areas.

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