Loft Boarding York

One of the things that are often requested in the York, Surrey, Epsom, York and surrounding areas from Loft Conversion York is loft boarding. In the easiest sense to put it, boarding your loft is beneficial if you are looking to convert your loft in the future into another room, or even if you just want to add a new, safe space within your home that will allow you to store things such as souvenirs and mementos or even Christmas decorations and childhood items. Loft boarding is a service that we at Loft Conversion York provide regularly, and we are slowly becoming the best and most efficient in the area for doing so.

How do we board your loft?

Since many people are interested in not just the process of what Loft Conversion York do, but how we do it, we will explain the process behind it. After measuring out your loft and figuring out the specifics to the work that needs to be done, Loft Conversion York will finish measuring up the size and span and prepare the boards for your loft. Now, usually loft boards come in two standard sizes, so we will ensure to fit the correct size and board for your loft. But Loft Conversion York will also make sure that the boards are thick enough for your specific needs, and the loft boards will also match for your specific needs (if you want to convert the loft into a different room, or just for storage, etc). If necessary, Loft Conversion York can also convert the hatch of the loft and turn it into a staircase or a ladder, whichever you would prefer. This will be done to make it as safe and easy to use as possible also.

Loft Conversion York will then place the boards correctly for as much strength, durability and stability as possible. The issue when boarding lofts for the most part when an amateur does this themselves are trapping wires or boarding the loft in a way that will leave a weak point among the floor. When amateurs who have yet to board a loft, themselves try to do this, they will forget to lay the boards in a staggered position for stability. If you forget to do so, you will leave a weak spot which is asking for trouble and damages.

York Loft Conversion - Loft Boarding York
York Loft Conversion - Loft Boarding in York

Important loft boarding information in York

​Another issue that Loft Conversion York insure to protect against are insulation issues that may crop up for your newly boarded/converted loft. Some make the mistake of either not putting enough boarding to cover the loft flooring and foundations, or they will not use wood that is thick enough for that specific loft. It is also possible for some to actually thicken out the loft too much with the boards, not allowing heat to be properly insulated within the room and allowing the cold wind to instead cool the room out. That is why depending on the size and length of the room, Loft Conversion York will ensure to measure the boards allowing for as much heat as possible.

The last step for this whole process is for us to ensure that these boarding’s are as permanent as possible. Loft Conversion York will take full care and attention into screwing the boards and drilling plot holes in each board and ensuring that they are lined up with the centre of the joist. If you do not correctly complete this job, then you are asking for a disaster to inevitably happen. If you are going to fill up the room with heavily appliances and inventory, then we will ensure that the loft is as structurally sound and stable as possible.

Many people in the UK board their lofts for different reasons.

​Whether it is just to fill up the loft with things that need to be in storage and you would prefer them in a safer environment in your home, or you wish to convert the loft into a usable room in the future. Loft Conversion York will ensure that we board your loft to personally suit your needs, and if you would also like us to help you convert your loft in the future, we can also provide that service to you also. Loft boarding is a very useful way to increase space within your home or even drive up the property value if you wish to sell on. That is the benefit of boarding and converting your loft. If you would like either of these services done, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us.